Featured Student Leith Ross is Humber Bound!

It has been our extreme pleasure at Misty Banyard Studio to have the opportunity to work with Leith Ross for the past several years.

A gregarious and hard working student, Leith has proved again and again that she has what it takes...and now she can prove it, as she's been accepted into the illustrious Bachelor of Music (Jazz Studies) at Humber College for fall of 2016!

We are delighted to feature Leith as the first of many "Featured Students" here on the MBS website. Well done Leith, we are all proud of you!

Leith Ross, Lyric Soprano:

Leith started singing even before she started talking, and she hasn't stopped since! In fact, at the age of two, after a particularly enthusiastic rendition of "Zippity doo Da" at the end of the year concert, her nursery school teacher commented that she was "born for the stage." It seems that teacher may have been right as Leith's love of performing has only grown since, as has her poise and skill for portraying a character.

Leith has been studying in the specialized vocal arts program at Canterbury High School in Ottawa for the last three years and has been receiving professional voice training during that time. She has participated in many choirs, musicals, competitions and concerts of all descriptions, most recently as part of "The Rhythm of Wartime" (a musical which toured in Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces) and as a featured soloist with the Ottawa Regional School Board's Honours Jazz Band.

With an eye to the future, Leith embraces new ideas and new technologies and has become quite skilled with her looper. This allows her to play endlessly with harmonies and layering - a skill; any jazz and popular music musician should have. We are sure that this skill will serve her well in her new adventure at Humber.

All the best Leith for your continued success!


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