Emily Green: Success on the Horizon!

It has been our extreme pleasure at Misty Banyard Studio to have the opportunity to work with Emily Green for the past two years.

A talented, genuine and hard working student, Emily has proved that talent and hard work pay off and that she has what it takes...and now she can prove it, as she's been accepted directly into the composition program at the University of Toronto.

Well done Emily, we are all proud of you!

Emily Green, Soubrette Soprano and Composer:

… is a 17-year-old student graduating from Glebe Collegiate Institute this June

She is currently studying voice and music theory and sings in the Ottawa Regional Youth Choir, where she is also a composer in residence for the 2018 and 2019 season. Emily also performs as part of a company providing princess parties in the Ottawa area and has just begun her own publishing company for her incredible compositions.

Emily not only recently performed as a soloist with the Ottawa Regional Youth Choir, she one of her pieces premiered by the Capital Chamber Choir at one of their concerts. Additionally she had the honor of being one of four composers to be invited to a choir workshop in Toronto with famousr composer Eleanor Daley.

All the best Emily for your continued success!

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